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Windzoon- The Best Mail Service Provider in India

To make your email marketing campaign a success, you need a email service provider. We at Windzoon ensure the reliable delivery of your emails and offer technical support for all your email marketing campaigns.

Flexible Email API

We offer customized API-based emails that enable you to think out of the box with your marketing emails. We customize emails with your domain name and verify email domains, reflecting that you send all your emails. With our HTML expertise, we can send HTML and plain-text format emails that can be easily accessible on mobile devices and different web applications.

Advanced Analytics

Our email delivery experts check your email marketing campaign data in real-time. We ensure that your messages avoid spam filters of different email hosts and directly hit your targeted customerís inboxes. We monitor your campaign from the dashboard, including the tools, tracking emails, A/B testing, to grow your companyís reach. We check which email initiates customer engagement and review the best time to schedule emails.

GDPR Compliance

We help you to stay in compliance with the CAN, GDPR, and SPAM. We suppress the email addresses on your subscriber list when your customers unsubscribe your services and become invalid and bounce with our automation. We also offer enhanced data security to maintain your data protection policy. We let you divide the email lists into different categories concerning customerís location, gender, age, interests. With our automatic suppressions, you donít have to worry about sending to unsubscribed customers or reported you as spam.

Importance of The Best Email Service Provider

Nowadays, most of the business communication happens over email. No matter you want to reach your customers through bulk email or to respond to user-friendly requests, one thing is sure, you want all of your email to be successful. Our best email service provider use cloud-based infrastructure lets you focus on your core business without worrying about the email storage and sent limits on your server. Our system seamlessly implements into your web application or mobile apps to have your companyís protocol up and running in time.

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