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June 6, 2016

Top 5 simple tips to ace the ecommerce app development

The world is spinning rapidly on the wheels of shopping cart; who knew in past years that we will be able to shop anything on one click at anytime and from anywhere around the globe and the product will be delivered at our doorstep within 24 hrs. E-commerce/M-commerce is a boon for shoppers in today‘s app era, Clothing, Fashion and accessories, electronic devices, books etc anything and everything is available through E-commerce apps.

A well designed ecommerce mobile application built with the stand point of target crowd, can achieve exceptional levels ofuser engagement and conversion.The app has to manifest meaningful design elements in user interface and crisply coded back-end development for seamless performance. Now the question is, How to attain that? Following are some elements which makes real difference if you follow them while ecommerce app making.


Simple User Interface

Desktop or laptop screen and smartphone screens varies a lot, Hence, there should be no hustle and bustle of content in smart phone screens, as they are smaller in size compared to desktop and laptop screen else users will not be able to read or follow the content properly and this leads to uninstallation.

The home screen of an app should always be simple and soothing; it should not be kept complex. Recommendations, latest promotions, popular items should be pinned up in a proper way so that user seamlessly use it and can retrieve any searched product within seconds.


Consistent Navigation

E-commerce websites are always wrapped up with Menus like Categories, Subcategories, Special offers, Recommendations etc. It is a challenge for app developers to craft all these menus in the smartphone screen size. Hence, developers should limit their items and should place them efficiently on their app screens.

Navigation should be kept as simple as possible, users should be redirected to relevant app page and within few seconds, they should be redirected. The significant name should be given to navigation buttons.


Evade a Long Signup & Checkout Process

In this fast track era nobody has time or patience. Registration forms should not be kept long; the users will not be interested in inputting lengthy details. It should not be kept mandatory for visitors that they need to get registered first if they want to purchase any item, they should be allowed to check in the app via social media platforms. A feature of storing user information should also be provided; it can help users for future reference as it can save their time in case they have to repeat the process.


 ‘Add to Cart’ Button           

“Add to Cart “is a core ingredient in any e-commerce app. It should be placed along with every product so that user can purchase product quickly. More the complex and lengthy steps, there are more chances of getting loss in sale.


“Wish-list” or “Favorites”

It’s in nature of shoppers to browse products in every direction possible before purchasing any product.”Wish List “or “Favorites” are prominent features they prove to be quite helpful during browsing. Whichever product users likes, or they want for their future reference they can pin them to “Wish-list” or “Favorites”.

There are tens of thousands e -commerce apps out there in the app world, hence it becomes necessary stand out from the mass and deliver what people want. These are the essence of marveling an ecommerce app across the app store.

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