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December 30, 2020

PHP 8: What are the features and improvements in the new update?

PHP is a powerful and widely accessible, open-source programming language used primarily in website development. Although we have seen a steady increase in various technologies and website building software, PHP is one of the most widely used languages, increasing the number of websites. The new version, PHP 8, guarantees more power and speed to bring better results. Read More

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December 15, 2020

Real Numbers behind a WordPress website design cost in 2020

The average WordPress website with fewer features costs around INR 15000 or USD 210. It does not include content or other features such as custom plugins or dashboards. The price of WordPress India varies from INR 15000 (USD 210) to INR 55000 (USD 770) depending on the features desired by the user. It is important to note that this fee does not apply to WooCommerce. If the client needs a paid WordPress theme, the cost of WordPress India may be even higher. Read More

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October 17, 2020

Remove Customer Barriers with Live Chat Support Service Provider

While some states relaxed their trade laws, globalization spread like wildfire. Multinationals are expanding their investments abroad. Employment was skyrocketing and so was infrastructure, technology, and inflation. The import and export business has grown tremendously in the global market. With the increasing demand for live chat support service provider, contacts, or call centers have increased. Onshore and offshore services were provided in most places around the world. The 21st century saw barriers to customer service. Read More

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