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May 30, 2018

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Traditional vs. digital marketing is under discussion, you know what is most appropriate for the marketing and publicity of your business. It is possible to make online advertising with the help of digital marketing company in India. it’s decisions are difficult to make against conventional.

However, you can think of things through online advertising vs. traditional advertising decisions and you can do just because both of them know businesses and opponents and see how it applies to digital marketing vs. traditional marketing. Check out the benefits of traditional marketing data and have a good indicator of how you need marketing.

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May 28, 2018

5 Reasons to have a Responsive Web Design for your Business

A website is not just a mere presence of the brand or company on the web but it is, in fact, it is a guardian which plays important role in interaction with your targeted customers or marketing and maintaining overall brand or companies image. As in digital era, there exists a large customer base on the web that makes a potential use of handheld devices such as mobile, tablet or other advanced devices to access the internet is when the importance of responsive web design is identified. You can choose responsive web design company in USA & India for developing one for yourself.

Here are the reasons for which you must have responsive web design for your business.

1. Increase your web traffic with the use of mobile devices.

There used to be days when businesses and companies use to create two versions of one website, one for desktop and other for mobile users. Many still do this. This process is time-consuming and needs high maintenance. To reduce this process, you must choose this web design for your business or company as there is a visible increase in mobile users. Using this your business will increase viewers reach more efficiently.

2. Lower cost of maintenance

Running two version of the same website is not a cost-effective option. But using this web design you eventually lower the cost of maintenance. Besides, it takes comparatively less time in setting up, easier to maintain website than working on two. Thus, you are making a wise decision and making an inexpensive investment on your website that is ready to be accessed through all devices.

3. Seamless User Experience.

This is one of the biggest benefits of having a responsive website. An unresponsive website will lead to distortion in the way the website appears on any accessible device. To Avoid this phase you must choose responsive web design.

4. Easily adaptable to any screen size.

You are way ahead of the competition if your website is ready for all devices and is adapting to any screen size. And if it caters to new devices to surf like smartwatches, loT devices etc then you may get good users for your website.

5. A Responsive Website Improves Your SEO Efforts

Responsive websites have most chances of getting ranked high in SERPs. The more user-focused experience brings more attention to a website. What is more interesting is that Google also recommends making a responsive website design pattern. It makes for a good user experience and improves your SEO efforts across all platforms. Thus, having one will help you convert and retain more clients for a long term.

We, at Windzoon Technologies, is a responsive web design company in USA and India. We expertise in all web design and development offerings. To know more about our services visit our website or contact us today.

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May 22, 2018

How Business Benefited from Web Development and Web Design

Having a website is essential in this competitive world. Right from creating a professional identity to round the clock customer support, getting the services of web development and web designs provides fruitful results for your business.For better results choose web design company in India.

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